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Building Renovation Design

The building renovation project is developed when the building is modernized with significant alterations being made. According to the law, significant alterations are works that lead to changes in one or several critical cost-performance characteristics of the building. Critical characteristics are the area, height and number of storeys.

Specifically, attention should be paid when the area of the building is increased. Often, the owner thinks of a simple replanning of a building, but forgets that any increase in the area of the building may be seen by authorities as a major renovation. In most cases, this happens when mezzanine floors are placed. In case of a major renovation, all design plans and approvals are required as in planning a new building, including the land plot development plan.

One more important thing: when designing a major building renovation, engineers are required to apply modern technical standards to the modernized building, including modern requirements for the number of parking lots and fire safety. This can be an unpleasant surprise for building owners, as it often involves considerable expenses. In many cases, customers abandoned their major renovation projects after calculating parking lots and fire safety measures.

APBP Architectural Bureau specializes in building renovation design. Over the last ten years we have renovated a large number of buildings and gained extensive experience. You have decided to renovate a building: improve its functionality and increase the level of comfort from using the building, prevent its early performance failure and demolition? In this case, you will need planning and design documentation developed by professionals.

In the course of the building renovation, malfunctions of all worn-out elements are eliminated, load-bearing structures of the building are restored or replaced with more durable and cost-effective ones, the main cost-performance characteristics of the building are changed, in particular, the area of the building is increased when mezzanine floors are placed, an attic is remodeled into the attic floor, extensions and superstructures are constructed.

Prior to the planning, a complete instrumental survey of the building must be carried out to determine the level of deterioration of its elements: load-bearing structures, envelope, and utility systems. Eventually, a decision is made – which elements of the building must be replaced and which can remain without changes; new planning concepts must be approved with the customer.

It is necessary to bear in mind that, unlike major overhauls, building renovation involves alterations in the main cost-performance characteristics of the building: new functional spaces and new premises are added or built in. As a result of a range of construction works, performance characteristics of the building are improved.

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