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Planning and Design Documentation

Planning and design documentation is a compulsory statutory set of design projects (project sections), used in construction planning, for obtaining building licenses, and in the course of construction and operation of buildings, structures and linear-type infrastructural facilities.

Planning and design documentation is prepared in two stages:

Stage One – Planning and Design Documentation (PDD). Contains the main architectural, structural, engineering and technology solutions of the project, without going into details.

Stage Two – Detailed Planning and Design Documentation (DPDD). It is developed based on the PDD approved by the customer and local authorities. Contains detailed technical decisions in all sections and presents an extensive document for carrying out construction and installation works.

Planning and design documentation is developed by design engineering and architectural organizations, members of SROs of architects and designers.

The structure and content of planning and design documentation is dictated by the requirements of the relevant legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

The APBP Architectural Bureau develops all types of planning and design documentation and is legally entitled to carry out planning and design activities in the capacity of the general designer.

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