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State Expert Examination of Planning and Design Documentation

Our company’s professionals will give you every possible assistance in acquiring the necessary documents and approvals in Mosgosekspertiza (Moscow State Expert Examination).


Building planning and design documentation shall be reviewed by local or federal state expert examination authorities. Starting from April 1, 2012, alongside with the state expert examination, planning and design documentation for under-construction buildings may also be reviewed through non-state expert examination. In both cases, expert examination reports on building design plans shall have equal legal force.

The state expert examination of the planning and design documentation for the projects located in Moscow is carried out by Mosgosekspertiza, at the Customer’s request (125047, Moscow, Triumfalnaya Square, 1).

Construction projects, detailed design plans (the part subject to approval), site development projects, irrespective of the Customer’s sources of funding for conducted operations or the types of property, are subject to state expert examination in accordance with the procedure established by the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, the City of Moscow, and the present Statute.

The main function of Mosgosekspertiza is to control the quality of building design and estimate documentation for constructions carried out in Moscow and ensure the efficient use of municipal budget funds.

State non-departmental expert examination is an obligatory stage of an investment process in urban construction; crediting and financing of building projects in Moscow is carried out only if there is a positive Mosgosekspertiza’s report on planning and design documentation.

Mosgosexpertiza cooperates with the Complex of architecture, building, development and reconstruction of the city, Moskomarkhitektura (Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow), Mosstroylitsenziya (Moscow Center for Construction Licensing), Inspectorate of the Gosarkhstroynadzor (State Architecture and Construction Supervision), the working group of the regional interdepartmental commission on pricing and tariff policy under the Government of Moscow, and other Moscow City Administration authorities responsible for the quality improvement of the planning and building projects, as well as the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, the Union of Moscow Architects and other interested organizations.

The main tasks and functions of Mosgosekspertiza:

  1. Conducting comprehensive expert examinations of new construction projects, broad reconstruction and technical upgrading of enterprises, buildings and structures, general overhaul projects in the city of Moscow, irrespective of the types of ownership, departmental affiliation and construction costs, pursuant to the state regulations, standards, and rules;
  2. Ensuring economic efficiency, high quality architectural, town-planning and technical decisions, structural reliability and operational safety of buildings and structures, reasonable and efficient use of all resources.

An expert examination report always involves verification of compliance of the planning and design documentation with the initial licensing documentation, the Project Statement, the approved architecture and town-planning concept, technical conditions, and applicable building rules and regulations.

A set of planning and design documents (the part subject to approval) authorized in accordance with the established procedure is submitted for expert examination.

Planning and design documentation is submitted to Mosgosekspertiza by the Customer; the Design Engineer assists in defending design and planning concepts.

In case of violation of applicable rules and regulations of planning and building or non-observance of the terms and requirements of the initial licensing documentation, Mosgosekspertiza may oblige the Customer to submit the planning and design documentation for approval by the authorized bodies and organizations exercising control over the compliance with these rules and regulations or determining the terms and requirements specified in the initial licensing documentation.

If necessary, Mosgosekspertiza may send particular sections of planning and design documentation for examination to specialized organizations, and require additional materials justifying the decisions made (calculations, schemes, constructional units, etc.).

The observations of Mosgosekspertiza demanding submission for approval and adjusting planning and design documentation so that it is in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations are subject to compulsory implementation.

The period of time needed for Mosgosekspertiza to prepare an expert examination report:

  • for city projects under construction investment programs – 20 days (with submission for approval);
  • for projects of especial importance or high complexity – up to 45 days;
  • for other projects – up to 1 month.

If approvals or adjustments to planning and design documentation are necessary, the report will be prepared in 10-day period after all issues have been addressed.

A summary report is approved by the Mosgosekspertiza management and is a document of final binding effect for customers, design engineers and contracting agencies; it provides the basis for the authorization to carry out construction and installation works issued by the Inspectorate of the State Architecture and Construction Supervision (IGASN) of the city of Moscow.

The approved summary report is handed over by Mosgosekspertiza to the Customer for further approval of the planning and design documentation (the second copy of the report is submitted by the Customer to Moskomarkhitektura to form an information database).

The consolidated construction cost analysis and justification of investment effectiveness for the projects which are not financed from the city funds are submitted to Mosgosekspertiza for expert examination on the developer’s initiative.

At any stage of planning and design, the Customer can invite Mosgosekspertiza for expert design support or preliminary revision of the planning documentation.

After the Mosgosekspertiza’s report, before the construction of potentially dangerous projects and city life support projects specified in Order of the Prime Minister of the Government of Moscow No. 823-RP of July 30, 1997, a copy of planning and design documentation is submitted by the Customer to the Moscow Territorial Insurance Fund of Documentation for an archive backup to be made.

Provisional regulations for the approval (expert examination) of the planning and design documentation for renovation and (or) redevelopment of residential premises.


1. Provisional regulations determine the requirements for the approval (expert examination) of the planning and design documentation for renovation and (or) redevelopment of residential premises in part falling within the competence of the state non-departmental expert examination commission and architectural authorities.

2. The planning and design documentation submitted to Moszhilinspektsiya (Moscow City State Housing Inspectorate) for approval of renovation and (or) redevelopment of residential premises must receive a preliminary approval (have a report) if structural properties and other safety and reliability features of the buildings are affected (changes in room layout or joining of rooms or apartments horizontally and vertically when load-bearing structures are affected; floor loads are increased, timber floors are affected or replaced; doorways in supporting walls are installed).

3. The planning and design documentation (including the report on the technical state of the building structures) specified in paragraph 2 is subject for approval (expert examination): - in the planning organization - the author of standardized, reusable or individual design plans of residential development; - in the MoszhilNIIproyekt institute (Moscow Housing Development Research and Design Institute) in the absence of an organization that has developed a design plan for the residential building and in case of historic development projects.

4. No report (expert examination) on the planning and design documentation for renovation and (or) redevelopment of residential premises is needed if this documentation together with the report on the technical state of the building structures is developed by the planning organization - the author of standardized, reusable or individual building design plans.

5. No report (approval) from GUP GlavAPU (Main Architectural Planning Department of Moscow City Architecture Committee) is needed on the planning and design documentation which does not involve works on the facades of residential buildings.

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