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Technology Planning and Design of Buildings

Technology planning is part of project planning and design works for a manufacturing enterprise or a service company, including its description and calculation of expenses. The result of technology planning is a technology design plan, included in the planning and design documentation of a newly constructed or renovated project.

The APBP Architectural Bureau carries out technology planning in accordance with the requirements of GOST standards, Building Rules and Regulations (SNiP), Sanitary Rules and Regulations (SanPiN), Rospotrebnadzor, fire safety, and has licenses to carry out these activities. Technology planning is a top-priority area of our expertise. Technology planning of restaurants, cafes and grocery stores is one of the focused specializations of our company, in which we have gained maximum experience.

Technology planning includes the following tasks:

1. Selection of the project location and adaptation of the business to the premises, including coordination with the regulations, space planning, and an adequate process structuring.

2. Selection of the production equipment taking into account its future operation and maintenance.

3. РPlanning of utilities, building systems, and power supply of the enterprise.

4. Organization of production processes, including production technology and secondary processes.

5. Workplace arrangement in accordance with labor protection requirements.

6. Assessment of economic performance and feasibility of the project.

In the project development, all distinctive features of the production type must be taken into account at all times. For example, the technology planning of a food industry enterprise involves strict compliance with the sanitary standards and requirements. And planning of complex high-tech projects implies a detailed and attentive preparation of a technology design plan, based on most complete initial data.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider various types of equipment, processing lines and operational procedures, which will allow minimizing construction, renovation and production costs, increasing efficiency of the enterprise and securing safety.

In short, it is necessary to develop such a a technology design plan, which will help the enterprise function most efficiently, producing high-quality goods or services with minimal financial costs.

Years of experience and numerous successful projects, allow us to develop a complete package of planning and design documentation promptly and efficiently, including a technology design plan – the most complicated section demanding extensive practice and specialized knowledge.

An individual approach to each client in developing a technology design plan, and the whole project planning and design documentation guarantees the ultimate result – successful functioning of the designed enterprise.

APBP copes perfectly with any work in the field of architectural, building and engineering planning. Our clients’ testimonials prove our commitment, professional competence and excellence of our work.

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