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APBP Architectural Bureau is a reliable planner and designer

The main secret of our business is to be a reliable planner and designer. Whatever the circumstances, we have only one top priority – reliability of planning and design choices. 12 years of experience have shown that although it is difficult, it pays off. We know how to create accurate and high-quality projects. You can rely on us.

We constantly pay attention to modern methods of ensuring technical reliability in building design and planning. We recommend our clients to use elements of an automatic monitoring system for the main structural elements of the building, which send signals about critical changes in the structures to the monitoring console. This allows to track dangerous situations in time to prevent tragic consequences even in case of some errors in the course of building maintenance or the effects of destabilizing factors (increased snow load, nonstandard production processes, critical overload of structures due to misoperation, landslides, underflooding, soil erosion). Nowadays, such systems (ESMS — engineering structures monitoring system, SSMES — structured system for monitoring of engineering systems) are mandatory for a number of dangerous, unique or technically complex buildings, but we believe that it is necessary to use elements of monitoring in planning and design of any constructions.

We find the following methods of ensuring reliability in building planning and design the most important:

Method No. 1. A strong team. At present, based on our personal experience in building planning and design, we are strongly convinced that the most effective method is the never-ending search for, as well as training and selection of the best engineering personnel. Only simultaneous teamwork over the project of several key specialists with high professional skills, extensive experience and strong motivation will guarantee the proper quality of planning and design. We won’t share our secrets of “hunting” for experts, but we won’t hide the fact that in order to keep The Best you need to create The Best (in every sense of the word) conditions for them. And what is more, we train, respect, hold on to, motivate, enrich the content of the work, delegate authorities, and never forget about job satisfaction and constant professional development. As a result, we have one of the best planning and design team to be proud of.

Method No. 2. Double third-party checking of the key planning and design decisions. This is a method when the key calculations and key project decisions are confirmed by the experts that are not personally acquainted with the main developers, usually working with the different structural analysis and design software.

Another aspect of reliability is the attitude of our architectural bureau towards our clients – customers ordering planning and design works. Working on the project, the APBP team always aims at strengthening its reputation in the eyes of the customer. We consider it our duty to make working with us Easy and Convenient for every member of the customer’s team, regardless of his or her level in the organization. We strive to receive written testimonials from our clients. And the best testimonial for us is when our client returns to us with a new project. The number of our regular customers is growing steadily. Many of those who, for one reason or another, stopped working with us, return to us after a year or two. This is yet another proof for us that we are on the right track. Today we continue to actively search for ways of improving our work. If you are our client and if in the course of our work you see that we are doing something that could be improved or changed for the better, we would appreciate if you let us know about it.

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