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Architectural Bureau APBP


Architectural Bureau APBP – is a multi-field design company that carries out large-scale high-quality and enhanced safety projects

APBP carries out all types of design work on large and small objects - from the reconstruction of existing premises for a new functional purpose, redevelopment, reconstruction of buildings, to the design of buildings for new construction and integrated design of territories, including roads and utility networks.
APBP has extensive experience in protecting projects in the Moscow State Expertise, in the St. Petersburg State Autonomous Institution “Center for State Expertise”, in the FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia and its regional branches, as well as in the State Expertise of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow).
APBP includes a strong structural engineering team
, which, in addition to ongoing work, specializes in creating unique and non-standard structural solutions.

Our core competencies:

  • Architectural and construction design   
  • Design work   
  • Design of engineering systems of buildings 
  • Design of external engineering networks of buildings  
  • Inspection of buildings and structures 
  • Turnkey architectural and construction approvals in conjunction with design work  
  • Acting as general designer

We design public, residential, sports, and administrative buildings in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

In 2024, APBP will carry out the following design work:

  • Cinema park. Moschino. New Moscow. Venues for location filming. Design. 2nd stage, 6th section. Section of the project “Master Plan of the Land Plot” (GP). 
  • Inspection of buildings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow.
  • Inspection of unfinished construction projects in the Moscow region.
  • Redevelopment projects for apartments and non-residential premises.
  • Design of 2 modular buildings. Moscow region, Dmitrov urban district.

In 2023, APBP completed a large amount of design work, including:

  • Design of the Atom pavilion at VDNKH for the International Exhibitions - Forum Russia, VDNH 04.11.2023-12.04.2024. (Constructive solutions, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Design of structures for the Moscow-Troitsk cluster for the implementation of the filming process (Kinopark). Moscow, vn.ter.g. Krasnopakhorskoe settlement, block 107.
  • Works on the survey of buildings at a number of state facilities in Moscow as part of the implementation of state contracts for the Moscow City Hall and federal structures.
  • Inspection and design of the premises of the bank "Raiffeisen Bank" at Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, st. Semyonovskaya 29.

In 2022, APBP performed a large amount of design work, including those related to the inspection of buildings, at a number of government facilities in Moscow as part of the execution of government contracts for the Moscow City Hall and federal structures. Work continues on a number of projects.

In 2022, APBP Architectural Bureau completed a project for the reconstruction of a four-story hotel building (recreation center "Planernaya DSK-1") with an area of 1755 sq. M. Moscow region, the city of Khimki, Podrezkovo, Pervomaisky quarter.

In 2021, the design of the following objects was completed: 

  • Outpatient Cancer Center at the Gusev Central District Hospital in Gusev, Kaliningrad Region
  • Design of the premises of the urology clinic for the Scientific and Clinical Center of Urology, Oncology, Surgery in Moscow
  • The second stage of designing the buildings of the medical clinic "Verba Mayr"
  • "Raiffeisen Bank" - St. Petersburg, st. Chernyshevsky, 17. Survey and design of an additional bank branch
  • "Raiffeisen Bank" - Moscow City, North Tower (Testovskaya st., 10). Design of redevelopment of premises, engineering sections, and internal structural elements of a bank branch
  • "Raiffeisen Bank" - Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect, 9, building 1. Inspection of the facility, making drawings of plans and sections, finding out local connection points, issuing a technical report on the state of supporting and enclosing structures and the possibility of a separate entrance. Development of project documentation. Coordination of design documentation with authorized organizations in accordance with the norms of urban planning legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Survey and design of two facilities for FSUE "TsENKI" (Center for Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities)
  • Development of architectural solutions for OJSC "BIKOM" (Group "Cherkizovo") Biryulevsky meat processing plant; Moscow, st. Biryulyovskaya, 38
  • Trade network "Pyaterochka". Comprehensive development of working design documentation for premises and utilities for the pilot project "Dark Kitchen" (hot meals to take away) and a chain store at the address: Moscow, st. Academician Chelomey, 10B

In 2020, the APBP Architectural Bureau completed the design of the reconstruction of the "La Marée" Holding production building. Works on the design of the building of the medical clinic of the Austrian health center "Verba Mayr" with an area of 1900 sq.m. on the territory of "Sosnovy Bor" in the Pushkin district of the Moscow region. The design works of the BILLA retail chain stores have been completed. In 2020, projects of following medical institutions were completed: 1. Outpatient oncological center in Veliky Novgorod. 2. Outpatient oncological center in Tver. The design of the Raiffeisen Bank branch in the city of Anapa (Krasnodar Territory) and the survey of 2 residential buildings for seismic resistance in the city of Sochi have been completed. Architectural and urban planning solutions were developed for the  PAO Severstal steel company office building in Moscow.

In 2019, the APBP Architectural Bureau completed the survey and design of ten stores of the BILLA retail chain and Pyaterochka supermarkets. Work was also completed on the coordination of the Construction Master Plan and the adjustment of design documentation for the Building Complex of the Moscow Kremlin Museums - Moscow, Red Square, house 5.

In 2018,  the design works for the following projects in Moscow and Moscow Region were completed:

  • Preparation of detailed design documentation for the Complex of Moscow Kremlin Museums — Moscow, Red Square, 5 — preparation of design documentation at the basic design stage, finalization and approval of the traffic management plan and the plan of organization of construction.
  • Preparation of design documentation for the new stores of the Azbuka Vkusa supermarket chain
  • Preparation of design documentation for the new BILLA supermarkets
  • Preparation of design documentation for the opening Pyaterochka food stores

In 2017, the design works on the renovation of the six-story building on Bolshaya Polyanka Street, 60/2 were completed (The revenue house of the nobleman Alexander Nikolaevich Krokos and the honorary citizen by birth Fyodor Aleksandrovich Terentyev, built-in 1914 by architects Ivan Pavlovich Mashkov and Olgerd Gustavovich Piotrovich (Moscow, CAO, Yakimanka District). The building will be converted into a modern deluxe apartment house with a fully-automated multilevel underground car-park. In addition, the following project design works were done:

  • The museum exhibition complex of Moscow Kremlin Museums — renovation in the form of restoration and adaptation for the current use of the building complex at the address: Moscow, Red Square, 5 — preparation of design documentation at the basic design stage, finalization and approval of the land plot layout, the traffic management plan and the plan of organization of construction.
  • Renovation of the administrative building: Magadan, Ulitsa Naberezhnaya reki Magadanki, 9. Customer: Kolymavzryvprom AO (joint-stock company)
  • Preparation of design documentation for a new construction project: the premium class housing estate at the address: Moscow, Maly Lyovshinky Lane, 7c2, 7c3, Kropotinsky Lane, 24c2.
  • Preparation, finalization and approval of design documentation for the capital construction project with an area of 10,000 sq.m. — Lenta hypermarket Moscow Region, Mytishchinsky District, Fedoskinskoye rural settlement.

In 2016, design works were done for School No.2 (Engines for Flying Vehicles) of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) with an area of 22,000 sq.m., at the address: Moscow, Volokolamskoye Highway, 4, as well as the following:

  • ZIL Peninsula (ZILART project) — preparation of Section No.2 — Land Plot Layout Diagram (general layout, improvement, and landscaping);
  • Preparation of design concepts of the overpass layout for the project Improvement of the Moscow Railway infrastructure at the Yaroslavsky suburban direction. 5th main track. Moscow-Passazhirskaya-Yaroslavskaya-Losinoostrovskaya”.
  • Design works for the project – FSUE “Center for Operation of Space Ground-Based Infrastructure” (Moscow, Vernadskogo Avenue, 101k2) — with an area of 23,900 sq.m.
  • Design documentation was prepared for the project “Comprehensive major repairs with the modernization of existing systems in the building of the Moscow State-Financed Cultural Institution “The Palace of Culture named after I.M. Astakhov” at the address: Moscow, South-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Lyublinskaya Street, 149
  • Design documentation and work papers were prepared for the project: “Renovation of Building No.10 of Military Town No.45 at the address: Moscow, Brigadirsky Lane, 13”
  • Major repairs design was developed for the Moscow State-Financed Educational Institution of Extended Learning for Children “Gnesin Moscow City Children’s Music School” at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Filyovskaya Street, 29


In 2015, design works were completed for the project "The construction of the Repository of Collections, Restoration, and Exhibition Centre of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts" in Moscow, Maly Znamensky Lane, 8, Kolymazhny Lane, 4, with an area of 22,000 sq.m. The customer was - Yuri Grigoryan’s studio, “Project Meganom”. The following special sections were prepared and successfully defended in the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia: “Land plot layout diagram”, “Lifts and Hoists”, “Central dust collection system”, “Traffic management plan (for the period of project construction and operation)”, “Plan of organization of construction’, “Protection and warning deratization system”, “Standard procedure for waste management in construction of on-site utilities”, “Requirements for safe use of capital construction objects”, “Management plan for demolition and dismantling of capital construction objects for the transforming station and breaking down the walls and structures of two buildings in the construction area”.

Besides, in 2015, works were executed to design utility systems and a fire-extinguishing pumping station, as well as the central heat supply unit for the project of the Military-patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – the Patriot Park, in Kubinka, Moscow Region, Odintsovsky District. That same year, the architectural concept was developed for the complex of buildings of the Medtech implementation and innovation center of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (16,000 sq.m.), which embraces experimental-industrial manufacture of medical equipment, the technology transfer center, as well as scientific research, and training. The design works were completed for the five junctions on the Federal Highway М5 “Ural” (Staro-Ryazanskoye Highway) and driveways to them, as well as for the bridgework within Velino residential community (Krivtsy village — Sofino rural settlement), Moscow Region, Ramensky District. In addition, the design works were performed for the following projects: the Reception Office of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Kolymazhny Lane, 14); mobile shelter systems for the Army-2015 expo center (Patriot Park, Kubinka); the Design Concept section for the project “VDV Skating-Rink” (VDV – Russian Airborne Troops) in Ryazan.


In 2014, the following works were done by the architectural bureau APBP: the designing of the Business class residential complex with an area of 90,000 sq.m. on Krasnobogatyrskaya Street, 90, in Moscow (Nasledie Residential Quarter on Preobrazhenskaya Square) and of the Comprehensive Preschool for 220 children with a swimming pool (new construction); design works on the first stage renovation of the Educational Building Complex of the Ministry of Defence with a total area of 85,000 sq.m.; reconstruction of the building complex with an area of 5,000 sq.m. for the Metallinvestbank on Bolshaya Polyanka Street, bldg. 47 (constr. 1 and constr. 2), bldg. 51/14 (constr. 1), bldg. 49, and of the low-rise housing complex with a kindergarten and office quarters with a total area of 24,000 sq.m. in Yurlovo, Moscow Region (15th kilometer of Pyatnitskoye Highway). Field supervision was carried out over the construction of the 16-story apartment complex on Bukhvostova Street, of twenty buildings in Podolsk City of Moscow Region, over the reconstruction of the building of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Znamenka Street, 19, bldg. 5).


In 2013,  the Architectural Bureau APBP produced designs for Thirty nine-story buildings of the second-stage construction of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defence (Podolsk City of Moscow Region, Kirova Street, 74) with an area of 360,000 square meters and for the Deluxe residential eleven-story building with an area of 40,000 sq.m. in the Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Khamovniki Administrative District (Pluschikha Street – Pogodinskaya Street) for the DONSTROY INVEST company (GRAND DELUXE housing estate on Pluschikha Street).


In 2012,  design works were done for the following projects: Multi-functional sports complex with an ice arena, with an area of 12,000 sq.m. (Odintsovskiy District, Moscow Region); the Administrative Building of the Federal Tax Service of Russia on Begovaya Street (7,000 sq.m., Moscow, new construction); the Archives Complex (first stage of construction) consisting of twenty buildings of the Central Military Archive of the Ministry of Defence in Podolsk City; the community road network for Velino cottage community of superior comfort (Ramensky District of Moscow Region).


In 2010-2012, a number of buildings were designed for the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Education and Science, including twenty buildings of the Central Military Archive of the Ministry of Defence in the city of Podolsk, three buildings of the Moscow Cadet Corps of the “Russian Defence Ministry Boarding School”, the building of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (reconstruction of the building) and the academic building of the Moscow Aviation Institute (reconstruction of the academic-laboratory building after the fire and the construction of a new academic building), as well as the swimming pool and the sports complex (cadet corps).


In 2009, as part of the Moscow government’s program of inspection and major repair of apartment buildings, APBP prepared and finalized design documentation for carrying out major repairs in 49 multi-story apartment buildings.


In 2005-2008, APBP prepared, finalized and approved (at all levels) redevelopment designs of a large number of office buildings, shopping centers, banks, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, production areas, several thousand apartments, and various non-residential premises. A lot of buildings, construction areas and premises were inspected. Designs were developed, finalized, and approved for the projects of organization of public services and amenities, passports of the color appearance of buildings, separate entrances and building fronts, major repairs, and reconstructions. Building permits were acquired for several construction sites, and warrants for construction works, ground excavations and openings were issued.


APBP has the legal right to carry out planning and design activities in accordance with the certificate of authorization to conduct an inspection of buildings and structures, carry out planning and designing of buildings and infrastructural facilities in the capacity of the general design contractor.

APBP’s liability is insured by INGOSSTRAKH insurance company.

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