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Building Redevelopment Design

A redevelopment design plan (RDP) is a design document required by law to make alterations in the layout planning of buildings and premises. The design plan is prepared by specialists that are allowed to develop architectural, construction and engineering concepts. The development of a design plan and its approval with the correspondent authorities is the only lawful procedure that allows to make alterations to the floor plans of buildings and premises. The design plan is developed based on the technical statement on the possibility of redevelopment.

APBP Architectural Bureau has developed hundreds of various redevelopment design plans, including many significant projects in Moscow:

  • Public and administration buildings (over 50)
  • Academic and laboratory buildings (more than 10)
  • Cafes and restaurants (29)
  • Grocery stores (49)
  • Non-food stores (27)
  • Banks (27)
  • Offices (более 50)
  • Pharmacies, clinics and medical institutions (at least 10)

APBP - is a reliable design planner. Our projects are notable for their high level of accuracy and quality. We are comfortable to work with.

The cost of the design plan depends on the floor area of the project and whether it is necessary to prepare the construction section of documentation, and on the complexity of this section.

The price list for residential premises:

  • RDP of an apartment (up to 50 sq.m.) – 20,000 RUB.
  • RDP of an apartment (from 50 to 100 sq.m.) – 25,000 RUB.
  • Technical conclusion on the state of the building structures and the possibility of redevelopment, apartment (up to 50 sq.m.) – 20,000 RUB.
  • Technical conclusion on the state of the building structures and the possibility of redevelopment, apartment (from 50 to 100 sq.m.) – 25,000 RUB.
  • Technical report on the condition of building structures, the admissibility and safety of the redevelopment performed 35,000 RUB.
  • Thermotechnical calculations for the redevelopment project involving removal of the windowsill block (uniting the balcony with the apartment) – 5,000 RUB with RDP, and 8,000 RUB without RDP.

The price list for non-residential premises for 2024:

  • RDP of a non-residential space up to 100 sq.m. – from 20,000 RUB to 25,000 RUB.
  • The cost of the design plans for non-residential premises with the area of over 100 sq.m. is determined individually for each space depending on its functional purpose (an office, hotel, bank, restaurant, health care facility, production shop), area, type of the building, state of the building structures and the need to strengthen them. Besides, when rebuilding non-residential premises, additional project engineering sections of documentation may be required, such as “Heating, air ventilation and conditioning”, “Water supply and sewerage”, “Electric power supply”, “Technology solutions”, etc. In this case, the total cost of the project will be higher.

Duration of project development. Usually, it takes from 5 to 10 working days to develop a design plan. The duration of the project depends on its floor area and complexity, the number of alterations to be made and sections of design documentation to be prepared.

The design plan is developed in accordance with the state regulations, rules and standards. Each page of the plan and explanatory notes are signed by the author of the design plan and the directors of the organization responsible for its development. The design plan prepared in order to obtain permission for redevelopment must contain clear and concise project solutions.

The project package:

  • Explanatory notes that contain architectural and planning measures, construction concepts, technology solutions, decisions on indoor utility equipment, fire-safety measures
  • A site layout plan, to scale (M) 1:2000
  • A Technical Inventory Bureau (BTI) plan with legend, Form 1а, Form 5
  • A plan of the premises BEFORE redevelopment
  • A plan of the premises AFTER redevelopment showing the partition walls to be demolished and to be built, and places of future openings inside interior walls
  • “Construction solutions” section – showing constructional units and details, reinforcing elements, - if necessary
  • A plan of the premises showing the placement of sanitary fittings and indoor utility equipment
  • An axonometric plan
  • Flooring ideas, flooring construction scheme, flooring damp-proofing scheme – if necessary

The project may also include specific documentation sections:

  • Technology design plan (for cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, beauty parlors, health care institutions, automobile service centers, warehouses, industrial buildings)
  • Electric power supply design plan
  • Water supply and disposal design plan
  • A design plan of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • A design plan of low-current systems





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