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Bank Redevelopment Design

A redevelopment design plan of a bank has a number of features related to special requirements for certain bank premises and high-technology equipment (engineering and technical security means, access control systems, pneumatic tubes, etc.), which increase the complexity of engineering design sections. Another feature is an obligatory corporate style in the design of front offices, middle offices, and even back offices of banks. Banks are institutions operating under the license from the Central Bank of Russia; license revocation leads to dramatic consequences. The Central Bank imposes a long list of requirements on banks, which are usually steadfastly fulfilled, particularly by Russian subsidiaries of Western banks. These requirements are not only financial, they include demands for the layout of bank premises, security alarm system, access control system, particular security of certain rooms, and even construction technologies. Apart from the Central Bank, special requirements for bank premises are imposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, there are special State Standards (GOSTs) and building regulations (SNiPs) concerning bank premises, as well as internal rules of certain banks as to the security and safety of their premises.

For several years, APBP Architectural Bureau has worked with a number of Russian banks in the role of a design planner of redevelopment projects for new bank offices in various cities of Russia (Deutsche Bank Russia, Raiffeisen Bank Russia). In addition to redevelopment design plans, over the years, APBP has been securing approvals for redevelopment design plans of new Moscow bank offices (CITIBANK Russia, GE Money Bank Russia, ROSBANK).

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