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Redevelopment Design of Non-Residential Premises

A redevelopment design of non-residential premises is done in order to secure approval for redevelopment. If non-residential premises are located inside a non-residential building, then in order to register the redevelopment it is enough to prepare planning and design documentation and register the new layout in the Technical Inventory Bureau (BTI) after the completion of the repair works. And if non-residential premises are located inside a residential building, then it is necessary not only to develop a design plan, but also approve it with the Inspectorate for the Supervision of Redevelopment in Residential Buildings (Zhilinspektsiya). You can get detailed information on the differences between residential and non-residential buildings here. Besides, when carrying out construction design works of non-residential premises located in residential buildings, it is necessary to bear in mind certain details of the procedure of acceptance of the premises by the Zhilinspektsiya.

The content of the design plan is standard. The cost of the design plan depends on the floor area of the project. The design plan is developed by the design and planning organization which has the corresponding licenses (certificates of authorization to carry out design and planning works). This type of design is not a difficult one. Nevertheless, customers prefer to deal with organizations with greater experience. At present, our company is working with such customers as BILLA, Pyaterochka, Raiffeisen Bank. These customers select design planners based on the competition results. We are notable for considerable experience and high-quality design plans. And we are comfortable to work with.

APBP Architectural Bureau has developed a huge number of redevelopment design plans of non-residential premises: offices of large companies, banks, governmental institutions, chain stores and restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, production and sports facilities. We will be glad to develop a high-quality design plan for you.

A modest achievement of the APBP, which will make approvals work more efficient: In 2020, based on the results of work on several objects in the Moscow Region, we made a redevelopment project template and a technical conclusion template for non-residential buildings for any purpose (commercial, industrial, office, etc.) which allows to successfully and urgently register changes in planning in Rosreestr.


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