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Redevelopment Design of Office Spaces

A redevelopment design plan of an office space is typically simple and relatively cheap. This is due to the fact that water and sewerage in the office are located in certain spots, and in most cases WCs are not in the zone of future redevelopment. A full-blow high-quality design plan must be based on a thoroughly thought-out workspace layout. Ideally, before releasing a redevelopment design, it is necessary to develop a draft design and give a task to design engineers – a furniture layout plan (workspace layout with precise measurements) and ceiling plan (layout of lighting fittings). A workspace layout and a ceiling plan will allow an electrical engineer to show and clear with the customer layout plans of electrical outlets and lighting fittings, and then complete the electrical design plan. The design assignment, which constitutes an integral part of any design planning contract, must clearly state all the requirements of the customer as to the number and quality of electrical outlets, switches, modes of ventilation, recuperation, air-conditioning, and other customer’s preferences, including burglar and fire alarm systems, smoke removal, Internet, access control systems, etc.

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