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Redevelopment Design of Healthcare Facilities

A redevelopment design plan of a healthcare facility is one of the most complicated types of redevelopment. To carry out this type of design, it is necessary to take into account all peculiarities of operation of a medical institution. The first step is to develop a detailed technological plan, and here lies the main design problem. The plan describes in detail the way surgical, treatment, reception rooms and other specialized premises operate and interact, where water, electricity and other utilities must be supplied to. This design section constitutes a design assignment for all other documentation sections. The correctness of the rest of the design sections depends on the accuracy and precision of this plan. This document is called “Technological part” or “Healthcare facility technology design” or simply “Medical technology”. Experts, medical technologists, are invited to develop this section. Medical technology is not cheap, but without it a high-quality redevelopment design of a healthcare facility is impossible. All subsequent parts of the design, such as design plans of electricity, ventilation and air-conditioning, water supply and disposal, low-current systems, etc., are based on this first technological plan.

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