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AGR Development

APBP Architectural Bureau will qualitatively, in a short time and with high reliability developed and approved AGR and AGO booklets for Moscow and the Moscow Region.

A booklet or Album of AGR during the design of buildings and reconstruction of buildings in the city of Moscow is developed at the initial stage of design by the Moscow City Planning Code and based on Decree of the Government of Moscow of April 30, 2013, N284-PP “On optimizing the approval of architectural and urban decisions of objects capital construction in the city of Moscow. " The acronym AGR stands for Architectural and Urban Decisions. In the Moscow region, the same booklet with the same functions and composition is called the booklet of AGO (Architectural and Urban Design). These albums contain basic information about the main parameters of the building - how it looks externally (facades, sections, basic plans, color schemes of facades) and how it is located on the site, as well as which parking lots, access roads, exits from highways, and also a site plan with elements of improvement. The album is needed for submission to the architectural bodies of local authorities for approval and approval of these decisions. The album is submitted for approval in electronic form, by downloading through the portal of the government of Moscow (Moscow region). The GPZU, data on the rights to rent or property of the land plot, technical conditions for roads, as well as coordination with the Ministry of Emergencies, the Federal Air Transport Agency, Cultural Heritage Supervisory Authorities and other necessary approvals for the land plot are attached to the album. We have developed:

  • 2020 year. Booklet of Architectural and urban planning decisions for the administrative building of the steel company PAO Severstal with an area of ​​15,000 sq.m. Moscow. st. Clara Zetkin, 2
  • 2020 year. Booklet AGR of the building of the hotel Grand Hotel Palacio with an area of ​​5000 sq.m. Moscow, Volgogradsky Prospekt 42, building 15
  • Shopping complex "LENTA". AGO booklet. Development and coordination of a booklet of the architectural and urban planning appearance of the object in the Moscow region. Moscow region, Mytishchi district, the village of Sholokhovo
  • Development of an AGR booklet for the production building of the Moscow meat processing plant Kolomenskoye with an area of ​​10,000 square meters. m. Moscow, Andropov avenue, 36, building 3, building 1
  • Development of an AGR booklet for the warehouse building of the Moscow meat processing plant Kolomenskoye with an area of ​​3,000 square meters. m. Moscow, Andropov Avenue, d.36, building 3, p. 6

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